The last remaining premier waterfront land in Cairns


Unmatched Opportunity

Half Moon Bay has the winning combination of an incredible location
on offer at an incredible time.

It has been described as, ‘perhaps the last remaining substantial premier waterfront land of great quality in Cairns.’

The region is also currently experiencing economic and population growth that looks set to increase even more rapidly once the $1.5bn Global Tourism Hub has been completed.

This unique combination of ‘last chance’ location and perfect timing make this development opportunity unrivalled across Australia.

Medium Density Potential

Half Moon Bay’s stunning design incorporates a mixture of modern apartments and townhouses with individual homes, tourist resorts and facilities, linked by Chinese inspired lakes and boardwalks.

The apartments and townhouses all feature garden courts and outbuildings, and are closed off from the adjoining streets by masonry walls. Lots are generally rectangular in shape and range from 250 to 400m2.

An exclusive beachfront gated community with predominately two-storey individual homes is located in the northeast corner of the site.

In addition to the residential development, there will be two tourist resorts offering quality facilities such as bars, restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, tour desks and day spas.

Planning Opportunities

Located in the northeast edge of the Barron-Smithfield district, the dominant feature of this site is the large area of wetlands with key conservation value. Four hectares of the site directly adjacent to the area will be preserved as a natural habitat to form part of the corridor.

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Otherwise the site is zoned Tourist and Residential and responds to councils requirements as follows:

Planning Requirements  Proposed
Residential Density 400 persons/hectare 200 persons/hectare
Building height           13 metres (4 storey) 13 metres (4 storey)
Site coverage  Must not result in a form that is bulky or visually obtrusive 31% of Developable area


Total Site Area              18.7 ha

Developable Area         14.3 ha

Site coverage               44.400m2

Four storey buildings are located opposite the open space or are centrally located within the site with detached two storey houses bordering existing residential communities therefore the proposal will not adversely affect the amenity of adjoining land uses. The master plan takes into account prevailing breezes, solar orientation and buildings will be designed to minimise energy consumption.

The esplanade adjoining the north-eastern boundary is held under a perpetual licence and will be upgraded and maintained in accordance with the conditions specified by the Department of Natural Resources.